British playwright Joe Orton led an incredibly intriguing, tumultuous, and stunningly creative life that ended when he was far too young.  His adventures were vast: through the course of his life he wrote dozens of plays, spent time in prison, and was even writing a movie for The Beatles at the time of his brutal murder.  The Ruffian on the Stair, also known as The Boy Hairdresser, was the first of Orton’s socially and politically charged literary endeavors.

In this one-act, we find ourselves in the midst of an offbeat, volatile relationship between Mike, a devout Irish- Catholic thug for hire, and Joyce, a former prostitute, who live in the shabby lower-class nether world of early 60’s London criminality.  Their relationship is a simple one: uncomplicated and unromanticized.  Wilson, a young “gentleman’ hairdresser” and happenstance houseguest, turns the simplicity on its head when he introduces jealousy, suspicion, terror, and revenge into the mix.    The play examines the overwhelming power of love in all the forms Orton recognized: erotic, for hire, incestuous, homosexual, exhausted, familial, desperate love that reaches beyond death itself.
This three person, 50 minute, fully charged show is the directorial debut for Geoffrey Wade.  The production features Adam Meyer, Jason Thomas and Rebekah Tripp.  Rebekah is also wearing the producer hat for the first time on this show.  This brilliant ensemble has come together, guerilla theatre style, in a labor of love to bring this little known Orton play to a contemporary audience.
“Madam Life’s a piece in bloom, Death goes dogging everywhere: She’s the tenant of the room, He’s the ruffian on the stair”  -Henley

The Ruffian on the Stair by Joe Orton is playing at The Whitmore Lindley Theatre for 2 weekends:

March 25th, 26th @ 8p
March 27th @ 2pm
April 1st, 2nd @ 8pm
April 3rd @ 2pm

The show features: Adam Meyer, Jason Thomas and Rebekah Tripp
Directed by Geoffrey Wade

Tickets are a suggested donation of $15. (Cash at the door)
To reserve your tickets call: 310.622.5375

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